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My stats (such as they are)

WW XXXIX: Do Balrogs Have Wings? (modded by Lommie)
Lynched Day 3; “landed face down” in a tie with Rikae
Village won

WW XL: The Scouring of the Shire, vol. 2 (modded by Nog)
Ordo; Sally Shortbrush
Lynched Day 3; “rammed dead with a table”
Wolves won

WW XLII: The Meaning of Life Forever (modded by Volo)
Wolf with Val, Roa, Agan, Lommie, Brinn, and Greenie
Survived the game
Wolves won (all of us survived but Roa and Greenie, who died during the trial Days)

WW XLIII: Mist in the Barrow Downs (modded by Farael and Roa)
Lynched Day 4; “left to nurse her heroic duck back to life”
Wolves won

WW XLIV: In the House of Tom Bombadil (modded by Agan)
Ordo; Sally the Insufferable, a slightly mad crippled woman
Killed Night 2; “skinned, scalped, and made into clothes”
Wolves won
(On a personal note, this is still one of my favorite deaths.)

WW XLV: The Fellowship of Saruman (modded by Legate)
Seer; Theodred
Survived despite insanely obvious seer hints toward the end of the game
Village won

WW XLVI: Getting Back to Basics (modded by Menel)
Ordo; therapist
Lynched Day 4; “failed to cure the mass paranoia and hung by the villagers”
Wolves won

WW XLVII: Dueling Wizards II (modded by Nog)
Ordo; Lommie/Nilp’s daughter, Steve and Kath’s sister, Legate’s girlfriend, Lommie’s assistant
Survived the game
Village won

WW XLVIII: When Virtual Becomes Reality (modded by Brinn)
Spammer (cobbler) for Nerwen, Mith, Boro, and Kit; fan of everything but Tolkien
Killed Night 5; “suffered from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome”
Wolves won

WW L: Battle of the Fandoms (modded by Durelin)
Wolf with Captain of Despair and Mac; Doctor Who lover
Lynched Day 3
Wolves won (Mac survived after lynching both his partners)

WW LII: Star Crossed II: Together for Eternity (modded by Di)
Evil lovers with Gollum; Juliet
Lynched (semi-canonically) on Day 6 by voting myself
Village won

WW LIII: The Republic (modded by Fea)
Lynched Day 6 (I think....)
Wolves won

WW LIV: The Council of Evil (modded by Gollum)
Lynched Day 5
Wolves won (specifically Alpha Wolf/Werebear Gwath)
(On a personal note, I called every single villain in this game from the start and yet still managed to get lynched.)

WW LV: Sing When You’re Winning (modded by Queen Mithalwen)
Ordo; soprano
Lynched Day 6 (after infuriating the moddess by lynching the evil yet not really playing Legate)
Wolves won

WW LVI: Panic at the Prancing Pony (modded by Kit)
Wolf with Brinn, Nerwen, and eventually our Frodo Agan; cute hobbit freeloader
Lynched Day 5 after nearly 48 hours of song parodies; “brained by Rune”
Wolves won (Nerwen and Agan survived)
(On a personal note, it was my suggestion to choose Agan over Lommie, which gained us a wolf but led to Lommie outing Brinn and myself. Somehow I still can sleep at Night.)

WW LVII: Chess Game for Middle Earth (modded by Shasta)
White Pawn (ordo) but turned White Rook (hunter) by White Queen Brinn on Night 3
Killed Night 5 by the wolves but took Black Queen (werebear) Fea with me; “Na4xc3”
Queen Mithalwen (Grey Queen, non-player) won/technical draw
(On a personal note, this game drove me, and Mnemo for that matter, absolutely insane.)

WW LVIII: Escape from Angband, or Behavioral Modification (modded by....erm, me)
Moddess (co-moddess was Mnemo)
Mostly deaded Night 0; “stabbed in a case of mistaken identity by a non-six-fingered Phantom
Village won

WW LIX: This Time It’s Real (modded by Phantom)
Lynched Day 4
Wolves won

WW LX: Mortal Men, Doomed to Die (modded by Lommie)
Ringwraith (wolf) with Lhuna, Legate, and Steve; wife of Nilp the fussy courtier
Lynched Day 4
Village won

WW LXI: Grimm Tales (modded by Wilwa)
Princess (ordo lover), paired with Boro the Frog Prince
Killed Night 3 with Boro; “died of shear sorrow”
Fairy tale villains (wolves) won

WW LXIII: Cottage of Lost Play (modded by Mnemo)
Worst co-moddess of all time
Left out of the plot
Wolves won

WW LXIV: Were-Librarians (modded by Lari)
Were-librarian (wolf) with Boro and Nessa; dorky theater kid
Fenris Bookworm; “tried to defy gravity and succeeded by being hanged”
Village won
(On a very personal note, I spent a bit of time on the phone to Lari and Shasta after/during this game whining.)

WW LXII: Dead Men Do Tell Tales (modded by Brinn)
Co-conspirator (cobbler) for Mira, Kath, Mac, and Gwath; Legless Sally Dawkins
Lynched Day 4; “was shark bait for a day”
Agressors/mutineers (wolves) won

WW LXV: Our Fate Lies With....Them? (modded by Boro and Wilwa)
Ordo; movie quotes girl
Survived the game but killed in End Game/Night 7; “killed by the cobbler with a flaming arrow”
Villains (wolves) and the Dark Monarch (Wilwa) won

WW LXVI: The Night Guard (modded by Steve)
Ordo; the village librarian, or Mistress of the Books
Lynched Day 7
Wolves won

WW LXVII: The Rangers of the North-The Fell Winter (modded by Nog)
Survived to the bitter(ly cold) end and died in End Game
Wolves won
(On a personal note, I epically failed to count votes, thus single-handedly costing the village the game.)

WW LXIX: Meeting at the House of Usher (modded by Mira)
Lynched Day 4; “died of huggles from the moddess”
Wolves (and lovers, after some clever dealings) won

WW LXX: At the Prison of Ice (modded by Legate)
Ranger paired with hunter Shasta; the original initiator of the expedition
Killed Night 8; “finally caught off her guard”
Wolves won

General Stats
  • Played 26 games.
  • Evil 8 times; out of those the baddies won 5.
  • Goodie 20 times; out of those the innocents won 3 (plus one tie)
  • Lynched 16 times (including one Fenris), Night killed 5 times, survived 5 times.
  • Modded (or co-modded) twice.

Stats per role
  • Wolf five times (survived once, Fenris’d once, my pack won three of the games, while the other two were complete failures)
  • Seer once (survived, succeeded in clearing enough players to win the game)
  • Ranger once (Night killed, unsuccessful in my gift and the village lost)
  • Hunter once (Night killed, took the werebear with me and achieved only a tie)
  • Cobbler twice (lynched once, Night killed once, both times my pack won)
  • Lover of some sort three times (Night killed twice, lynched as an evil lover)
  • Ordo thirteen times (survived three of these, Night killed twice, lynched eight times)

Repeat performances
  • I’ve been evil with Mac twice (once as cobbler) and we won both times.
  • The above is also true for Nerwen.
  • I have been in a pack with Brinn twice. We won both times. I’ve also been on the gifted team with her once.
  • I’ve been evil with Boro twice (once as cobbler) and lover to him once.
  • I’ve been in a pack with Agan twice. We won both times.

What happens when I die?
  • If I die as a gifted, the village loses (meaning the game ends in wolf victory or a tie)
  • If I am Night killed (period, not just as an ordo) the wolves win
  • If I am lynched as an ordo the wolves win (with the exception of my very first game....and technically that was a tie anyway as far as voting so I stick to my claims)
  • If I die as a wolf the village has a 50/50 chance of victory
  • If I am alive at End Game and am innocent (gifted or ordo) the village also has a 50/50 chance (depending on whether or not I can count votes properly)

  • Both of Brinn’s games I’ve been cobbler. Telling me something, lovely?
  • I’ve also been a gifted in both of Legate’s games.
  • With the exception of my wolf cub game (Volo’s) I’ve never been evil in a game modded by a male.
  • If I am the cobbler, the wolves always win.
  • I have never survived as a lover of any kind.
  • If I am a lover the wolves win. (With the exception of my pairing with Gollum.)
  • The village has only won once with me as a gifted. (I survived the game.)

Thus ends my (for now) complete stats. I'll come in later and polish a couple formatting issues but....yeah. That took me a while, as I felt nostalgic and thus did the list from scratch and checked everything out. (Thanks again to Nerwen, who helped epically in that I could check my facts against hers.)
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