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Originally Posted by galin View Post
you don't trust my characterization of the references? Do i need to post all of 'em? Here's some of the examples, with cjrt's alterations.

1: 'wherefore each embassy came with greater force than was agreed, but morgoth sent the greater, and they were balrogs. Maidros was ambushed...' of the siege of angband (quenta silmarillion) [] '... But morgoth sent the more, and there were balrogs.' of the return of the noldor (the silmarillion)

2: 'sauron came against orodreth, the warden of the tower, with a host of balrogs.' of the ruin of beleriand and the fall of fingolfin (quenta silmarillion) [] '... Named gorthaur, came against orodreth, the warden of the tower upon tol sirion.' of the ruin of beleriand (the silmarillion)

3: 'there came wolves and serpents, and there came balrogs one thousand,...' of the fourth battle: Nírnaith arnediad (quenta silmarillion) [] 'there came wolves and wolfriders, and there came balrogs, and dragons...' of the fifth battle (the silmarillion)

[1 this description (from the qs tradition) survived into lqs despite a number of other post lord of the rings revisions to this chapter. 2 the second example (orodreth and etc) also was not revised -- with tolkien even altering §143 of the chapter, but not the 'host' of balrogs passage (see below).

3 the third example 'survived' too, but noting cjrt's description under the last chapters of the quenta silmarillion, it looks like jrrt never really got around to truly revising this chapter in any case.]

4. The grey annals contains 'balrogs a thousand' §230, but nothing is noted as to any changes in the later 1950s.

It's not reasonable that these references survived simply because tolkien missed them, or never got around to altering them. And as we can see, christopher tolkien's revisions alter these 'surviving' references to large numbers of balrogs.

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