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"Hello. I am Daghan-turi-Dan of the Dr˙edain of Dr˙waith Iaur, and I have come to help the people of Eodwine's house. Why do you run from me as if I was a savage Dunlending? And why are you so far away from anyone else in this inhospitable country?"

Ginna could not speak at once. She was panting heavily, hands on knees. She had never run at such a pace for such a distance before, and not with danger (or so she imagined) in close pursuit. And now she was to hear - from a deep, guttural, far from comforting voice - that this strange man had come to help?

She felt her heartbeat slow, her breath return, and she stood straight. The man was looking up at her with concern.

"I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have run, I wasn't supposed to run, I thought you would mean no harm, but you see--" and suddenly tears fell from her eyes. She quickly wiped them away. He came a step closer.

"It's alright, you need not tell me if you wish not to."

Only then did Ginna fully see just how strange the man appeared. He had a wide face, deep-set black eyes, thick brows and a flat nose. His wide mouth was stretched into a reassuring smile. However unlovely he may have looked, he had already shown the kindness that lay within. She smiled back at him.

"Did you say you were looking for Eodwine?"

He nodded. "Are you from his household? Why are you so far away?"

"I could not sleep so I decided to walk around and I . . . " she looked away sheepishly, "I got lost."

"Don't worry, I can help you return. But it's some distance away." He led her out of the clearing, back towards the direction from which they came.

Ginna laughed. "I shouldn't have run," she remarked.

They walked the rest of the way without speaking. Ginna did not know what to say. Her companion, for his part, respected her silence. There were more stars in the sky than when Ginna set out - she had been away for a while. She wondered if anyone had noticed that she had gone, and if they were now looking for her. She felt a surge of guilt. They were tired enough without the task of searching for her adding to their burden.

Soon the ruins of Scarburg were in sight. To Ginna's relief, no one seemed to be up and about. She found her voice.

"Thank you . . . "

"You can call me Dan, but I do not know your name."

"Thank you, Dan. My name is Ginna."
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