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Javan did not really wake up very late. In fact, it was still early, but most of the others had already gotten up and were beginning their day. He half sat up and craned his neck to look about. Thornden was gone from the tent, as well as the other men-at-arms that they’d shared with. Javan leaped up and hurried into his clothes. He did not want to be the last person up and about and be able of being accused of being lazy and over sleeping.

In a moment, he came blinking out into the sunlight. He stopped to yawn and stretch. As his arms came down, he caught a whiff of breakfast cooking. His stomach reminded him suddenly of how little he had eaten the day before. It still believed it had to make up for his missing the mid-day meal.

Breakfast could wait, he decided. He wanted to make himself useful before eating. He looked around. Not many people were doing any work yet. The women folk were preparing breakfast and Léof was tending to the horses. Javan’s face twisted slightly, mirroring his uncomfortable thoughts. He felt shy about approaching Léof and offering to help. Talking to Léof about helping with horses would have to wait.

He caught sight of Modtryth then. She was carrying two heavy wooden buckets full of water. She paused to call to Cnebba. Javan started towards her immediately, reaching her before she had started forward again.

“Can I help you with those?” he asked.
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