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hmmm.... first things first, Mr. Mark. Who will you be playing in our epic drama?

How about Jones, the quiet one? Still waters run deep. He is the conscience and voice of reason for group of heroes. [img]smilies/cool.gif[/img] [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] But who shall be our Bonham-Berserker?

As for how to end this...let's see. I think maybe we should go for the "and then there were none" approach. Each character meets a fate suitable to his or her true nature. For example:

Mith-Plant in a fit of melodramatic anguish tosses himself into the cracks of Mt Doom for the love (and loss) of Persephone.

Persephone eludes Shelob and, with the aid of Gollum, finally reaches the Black Tower where Sauron awaits. She takes one look at him and her mind is destroyed. She spends the rest of her days as a vegetable in Sauron's dungeon.

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