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Filk. Eh, I'll try and define it, because there is a lot of Tolkien filk out there. Most of it is humorous/ satire, which isn't quite my cup of tea. But there are a few...

Filk is sometimes described as a cross between "folk" and "Filch" (as in, I filched someone else's tune and wrote my own lyrics to it.) in that sense, one can easily see it's a time-honored tradition. But it has become a subculture. There are conventions, etc.

I'm not sure why Leslie Fish falls into the Filk category; from what I've seen, her tunes are original, her lyrics profound.

You can find an mp3 of Julie Ecklar performing Leslie's "Fellowship Going South" here. Have a hankie nearby.

Off Topic Edit: and if you are a fan of space shuttles and space travel, don't miss Witnesses' Waltz, listed below, also by Leslie.

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