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I know I'm not quite "of age" but I couldn't help responding to this! (Forgive me! I'm only a few years short! [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] )
I sometimes wear a plain (silver) band on a chain around my neck when there's some bad habit or attitude in my life that I know I have to get rid of. But for me, it's kind of a Lenten thing, and the idea is to get RID of it; March 25 is the goal.
Wow, Helen! That's an interesting idea, and probably a better concept than the way I've been wearing my ring!

Strangely enough, and this may not be the best thing to admit, I have worn my wedding ring on a chain around my neck since Halloween, when I dressed as Frodo for a costume contest. I called it MY One Ring, and I really will defend it from whoever tries to take it from me! I don't really want to wear the replica One Ring, but this Ring is something I'll never throw in a chasm or get rid of, although its meaning is altogether different. It has the effect of making me touch it constantly to make sure it is still there (because it is odd to wear my wedding ring that way and I'm afraid to lose it!). I find myself playing with it when I awaken in the middle of the night, and it makes me wonder if Frodo had trouble sleeping partly because he thought he might accidentally don the Ring in his sleep! I can relate to that fear now! I'm not sure when I'll put it back on my finger, but probably when I reach Rivendell, at least that is what I'm telling myself.

And I must say, Theron Bugtussle, you've really settled in nicely, and I've enjoyed reading your posts on several threads lately! I had not thought of that Styx song in years, since I had not read LOTR at the time I listened to it long ago; the whole allusion was lost on me! But I can see your point about "Come Sail Away" and the sea-longing of Legolas! I can even hear him singing it to Gimli [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img], although I don't think he'd sound much like James Young or Dennis deYoung or any of them, really! (that's probably a good thing!) Oh, and that's a lovely avatar! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

“…she laid herself to rest upon Cerin Amroth; and there is her green grave, until the world is changed, and all the days of her life are utterly forgotten by men that come after, and elanor and niphredil bloom no more east of the Sea.”
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