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New Hobbit Music: Attn music hounds. I had never heard of (argentinian) Andi Grimsditch before, and took a risk on his "Tolkien Song Cycle" on ebay. Am I ever glad and delighted that I did. For starters, a couple of these songs are *SINGABLE* (not all of 'em.) And for another, this guy is a believable Hobbit-voice. It says he's from Argentina but his Scottish accent is delightful, and he has a soft, gentle tenor voice; sounds like the Hobbit Next Door to me.

If the idea of middle-earth music with bass and drums bothers you, well, I was skeptical, but the bass and drums stay in the background. The emphasis is on guitar and strings. They do some non-celtic things with chord changes and odd chords in general, but it doesn't set my teeth on edge (the way it has with some other bands.)

This is Volume 1. I'll be waiting with baited breath for Volume 2. I almost hesitated to post on this-- 'cause I want that first copy when it comes out. But if you want hobbit-music, buy this album. (Or even: buy Vol1 so he puts out Vol2!)
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