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It seems you did skip all the introduction. That is not as I would handle it. I would rather keep all of the introduction.

To your changes 1., 2. and 3. I agree.

I agree that we have to skip the death of Fingolfin from speech of Finrod, but I find it to much of a liberty to introduce Argon here instaed.

Arfin/Finarfin: I can understand how you arived at these changes, but I do not agree that the change is neccessary. If we would do it here, we would consequently have to change each and every name of the main charchters at least once in the long run of the Translation from the Elvish. With the main Charchters that might be possible, but with such small roles as Finarfin? I think we would leave our readers completly irritated. If we look into the published Silmarillion the names are rather stable. And I think that is an neccessity of readability or better understandability.

Again I think that we have to use more of the Authors Note that introduced the Tale of Adanel. In the moment I am still in thought about how to do that, but I am sure that we should not take up the Tal of Adanel into the body of the text of the Athrabeht. It was Tolkiens explicite decision to let Andreth refuse to tell Finrod about the Fall of Men. In his commentray he gave the addition of the tal as a result of Númenorian editing. And it seems to me the best way to keep that destinction.

Last but least I think that we have to discuss the passages where the time frame is hinted at. Two passages, I think, give at least the expression of a much longer
time that elapsed between the awkening of Men and conversation of Andreth and Finrod. I will search the passages later and post them here for discussion.

I agree that we have to change the Hador to Marach at the start of the Tale of Adanel.
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