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AFA-11<AFA Commentary The Tale of Adanel>
AFA-12<AFA Author's Note 9 on the 'Commentary' It is probable that Andreth was actually unwilling to say more AFA-13<AFA Commentray about the {He uncovers a concomitant} tradition that the change in the condition of Men from their original design was due to a primeval disaster>.
Partly by a kind of loyalty that restrained Men from revealing to the Elves all that they knew about the darkness in their past; partly because she felt unable to make up her own mind about the conflicting human traditions. Longer recensions of the Athrabeth, evidently edited under Numenorean influence, make her give, under pressure, a more precise answer. Some are very brief, some longer. All agree, however, in making the cause of disaster the acceptance by Men of Melkor as King (or King and God). In one version a complete legend (compressed in timescale) is given explicitly as a Numenorean tradition, for it makes Andreth say: This is the Tale that Adanel of the House of AFA-14 Hador told to me. The Numenoreans were largely, and their non-Elvish traditions mainly, derived from the People of Marach, of whom the House of Hador were the chieftains. The legend bears certain resemblances to the Numenorean traditions concerning the part played by Sauron in the downfall of Numenor. But this does not prove that it is entirely a fiction of post-downfall days. It is no doubt mainly derived from actual lore of the People of Marach, quite independent of the Athrabeth. {[Added note: }Nothing is hereby asserted concerning its 'truth', historical or otherwise.{]} The operations of Sauron naturally and inevitably resembled or repeated those of his master. That a people in possession of such a legend or tradition should have later been deluded by Sauron is sad but, in view of human history generally, not incredible. Indeed if fish had fish-lore and Wise-fish, it is probable that the business of anglers would be very little hindered.
I agree with that. And I don't think it is clumsy.
Hige sceal ē heardra, heorte ē cēnre,
mōd sceal ē māre, ē ūre mgen lytla.
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