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Originally Posted by the phantom View Post
Ah well, I cave. Though I do feel a "spirit of the law" case could be made, i.e. all rules have a specific reasoning behind them- in Werewolf the changing of posts isn't allowed because we base our accusations/defenses on the words of others etc. etc. that is the reason for the rule, and the reason is what matters, not the rule itself.

But today, when everyone on the thread knows we are making posts just for the sake of deleting them, and everyone knows every role, obviously there can be no arguments/accusations made based on such editing practices. In short, the law lacks its supporting reason in this case, therefore in this case no such law applies.

But if you insist and you feel your allegiances are with Boro, all you have to do is keep spamming even if we did keep deleting and that will just get tiresome (and call down wrath from above). I think perhaps we should just run this thing up near 1688 and leave it sit there (without editing), as Morm has to go to sleep at some point.
But it was being manipulated to give those who don't know all the roles information. Isn't that a reason?
When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.
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