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Javan understood the jab, and he and Garmund shared a covert grimace. He blinked and wiped the amusement off his face when Cerwyn addressed him again.

"Yes," he said. "I've got four sisters and a brother. Thornden's the oldest - he's around here somewhere." He turned around and looked toward the head table. "There he is, by Eodwine. He's the steward here." He paused before turning back to his table, looking at Eodwine and Thornden, sitting side by side, but not conversing. They both looked tired.

Javan turned back around. "Thornden got here first, and my father thought to send me to him." He stopped before explaining why. "Actually, at the time, Eodwine's court was held in Edoras. It was an old inn, I think, where he first was. We moved the entire household here when the previous landlord here turned out to be a villain." He briefly told the story of Sorn and how Eodwine and his men got caught up in dealing with his crimes. He could not go into much detail, for honestly, he did not remember much, he having been but a boy, and an irresponsible, disinterested one at that.

When he finished, there was a brief pause. It came to Javan that perhaps Cerwyn hadn't really been interested in the story. She was, after all, just newly arrived and probably did not care much for their history. He wasn't even sure how long she was going to stay.

"Are you planning on staying?" he asked.
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