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I looked at the Nightly narrations then.

At the beginning of D1 (aka. N1 narration) there was nothing, no clunks or buzzes or anything - and no red letters either. The only thing hinting at something happening was this:
Originally Posted by Narration N1
But what if Kuru was right? What if somebody had come to the party intending to murder them all?

What if…one of them had already joined them..?
Next we had a wilder one
Originally Posted by Narration N2
The NIGHT was quiet.


Except that as dawn began creeping over the horizon there was a strange buzz.

It went on and on growing louder and LOUDER and LOUDER!!!!!!

The guests huddled in their rooms, terrified.

bzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BANG *fizzle* POP
And Morsul was dead.

When D3 broke...
Originally Posted by Narration N3
The NIGHT passed swiftly.

Those who slept did so fitfully.

There was a pervasive sense that they were all on the edge of another, strange world that might reach out and touch them at any time.

The dawn came, as it always does.

The group around the guillotine was a bit smaller this time.
No buzzes or pops, no bolded letter nor highlighted ones... but Lommy had died

The next one
Originally Posted by Narration N4
The NIGHT was dark and full of buzzing.

Yes, buzzing again.

bzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ *whoosh* CLANG *doink*

"Who put that there?"


Silence without stillness. As the guests slept they felt the swirling of many powers around them.

All in all, it didn't lend itself to a restful NIGHT.
No bolding but one highlighted CLANG. Mith was dead - could this reference of Mith taking the route of the "escapee" point towards Pervinca and as such be of little consequence - or do you think this could have a meaning:
They set off in search of the route taken by the escapee.

On their way they found the body of Mithalwen who apparently tried to do the same in the NIGHT.
Anyway last Night then.
bzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzz booOOOOOoop *fizzle*

"Can you believe this?!" came a voice.

That was the only noise in the NIGHT.
Once again no red colour, no bolded parts... but I was dead.

To make a comparison - on the narrations after each Day there are three consistently highlighted things: the name of the one whose vote has been empowered by the Dead and the following I FEEL STRANGELY EMPOWERED! Then there is the final CLUNK! that is the noise of the guillotine.

*Pulls back to think about this*

Please help, if we could solve this riddle together.
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