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"I would have a word with you, my lady. Come pull off the path so we may talk where none can hear." Guiding his horse towards the cover of a wooded copse, Khandr stared directly at the young woman and shook his head, uncertain how to go forward.

For a long time there was silence till Embla finally spoke, "You are not at the head of the pack today. What has happened? It is not at all like you..."

"No," he replied in a husky whisper. "I have much on my mind. There are signs and omens that all is not well. But these do no more than confirm what I already felt in my heart. I will leave now and go back to the house. I will tell Briga to ride back to our homeland. I will ask the servants to pack our belongings and accompany her quickly on the road, that she may go and stay with our daughters and their families. For there is no safety in this town. You are welcome, Embla, to accompany her as my second wife. But if that does not suit your needs, you are also free to strike out on your own. Since you have born me no child and are a second wife, the custom of our people is such that these bonds may be dissolved.

Khandr stopped a moment, staring fixedly at the ground, as he searched for the right words, "I am afraid in my desire to forge an alliance of our households that I have done you an injustice. For your eyes flash with anger, and sometimes I see a quiet sadness. I had to say something.... I would not leave this task undone." He shook his head and shifted uncomfortably in his saddle. Then he took a chain from around his neck. It was made of gold and fashioned with many stones. He held it out to Embla. "I would not have you leave with empty hands. For times are hard and you will need some help. My wife Briga will have my lands and all my other possessions, but you will need something to get by."

"You are free then to do as you please. To come or go as you want...."

He started to retreat, but then looked back one last time. "There is one thing. If you hear or see anything strange from those at court, and especially from the woman Jord, whom I do not trust, you would be wise to speak with me or, if I am not here, then to Fastarr or one of the Elves. There is evil afoot....great evil. I do not think I will live to see the end of it. But perhaps you may yet do some small thing that will help preserve the light that is left to us. Just keep your ears open and your heart fixed to goodness." With that strange pronouncement, the weary envoy signed and quickly rode away from the hunt.

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