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Fastarr was startled. His confusion was easily read from his bodylanguage and from his face. Everything was clear and plain to see but Fastarr had to really strain to work it all out. A murder... of course a murder... but by whom and couldn’t it be stopped? He felt an urge to be on his way, immediately. How long had he been away from Khandr? Was it already too late? Or was there too late in this situation?

“Thank you... sire. I’ll pay heed to your advice and will speed on my way... and maybe...” he paused to swallow, “... Maybe there’s something that could be done to prevent the horrible deed?” He was not expecting for soothing words but he had to ask that question.

“The Song is the Song. It’s the truth woven from the very fabric of this world itself reaching farther human eys can see or ears hear. But you may affect what happens afterwards if you stay true. So go now. May the blessing of Valar be with you.”

Fastarr bowed to the old man and stood still for a moment. Suddenly he came back to his alert self. For an outsider it would have looked like he had been somewhere away for a moment but now he was animated again and turned towards Hugo who had just reached them.

“Quickly now Hugo, get inside before you’re seen by too many curious pairs of eyes standing at the porch.” He glanced at Thorn and returned back to Hugo. “And Leafeye...?”

“She’s inside”, Hugo waved towards the stables. “I just gave her some oats. You know how I spoil those beasts.” Hugo gave him a warm smile trying to uplift the mood but got graver immediately after that. “She’s ready to go. Don’t worry about us. We’ll manage. Valar bless you and lord Khandr”.

Fastarr took Hugo from the shoulder and looked at him with love and appreciation in his eyes. He shook Hugo’s shoulder and said solemnly: “You’re a good man Hugo. I’ve said that a thousand times but some things just can’t be repeated too many times. Now take care of our guest. I’ll see if anything is to be done.”

With that he turned and ran to the stables. Soon enough Leafeye galloped from the stables carrying Fastarr whose eyes now had an intense and focused gleam in them. The rider and the horse headed back towards the fields like fire was chasing their tail.
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