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"Ah, Thorn, it is you." The snarl was gone, and Khandr sounded strangely calm. "I took no chances. I owed it to my family to make arrangements for them, and I have done that for both my wives. Now there is something I must give you."

Khandr reached inside his belt and drew out a small leather case, the same one that he had been reading in his study just a short time before. "If something should happen to me, give this to whomever you think would get the most from it. Some time ago, I asked each of my wives and the Borrim retainers to gather information from those at court, both men and women. Some had better luck than others, and one or two, I think, may have learned things that they did not disclose. Still, a smart man can read between the lines. I ask that you not open this now. But, if I should die, sit down and read this over, and see if it is of any use. I can not put all the pieces together, but what you spoke to me on the field is also what I have been sensing. But perhaps you or someone you know would have a little more luck in understanding things. Now I go to the palace to see if I can turn up another piece or two...."

Without waiting for an answer, Khandr turned and stalked out of the cellar into the outside courtyard and then headed quickly down the street.

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