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Now that they stood in the presence of the great elf-lord, Embla did not know what to do: she felt small, grubby, ugly and foolish. She remembered Khandr’s feast, and how this tall, fair man had played a part in her humiliation.

Did he notice me then, and does he remember me now? But there was now only an echo in her of the old bitterness. She was no longer a second wife, a shadow and an afterthought. She had freedom, and she had Fastarr by her side. These thoughts made her feel bolder.

“My lord.” She glanced up at Lachrandir, and then at Fastarr. “I...I mean we....I beg leave to speak.” She blushed red-hot under the elf’s haughty gaze. Was her presence causing offence? How did elf-women speak to their men-folk? Were they subservient, like the Borrim, or did they look them in the eye, after the fashion of her own people? Should she have let Fastarr do the talking?

"I have seen things. Evil and treachery....wolves....blood....the Ulflings,” she stammered. “We are afraid and we wish to warn you and your people, that...that....”

The elf continued to stand and stare in silence; Embla floundered into incoherence. She turned to look at Fastarr, pleading with her eyes for some support, some way of explaining the danger that would sound convincing to the forbidding figure before them.
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