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Originally Posted by Zigūr View Post
A couple of months ago I read this statement which Peter Jackson made in an interview around the time the third film was released:

Maybe he's just being really literal about what the narrative of The Hobbit is, but assuming he's not just repeating something he's mandated to say by WB, from a thematic or narrative-focus point of view he couldn't miss the point more if he tried. It's funny that he says that "The Lord of the Rings" (I assume he's talking about his films and not the books or anything else) is about Frodo and the Quest of the Ring (which the films are and aren't) but when he's describing "The Hobbit" Bilbo doesn't garner a mention, even though he's just named the film: "The Hobbit".
"This is a story of how a Baggins had an adventure, and found himself doing and saying things altogether unexpected." No? It's about how a brooding Dwarf went to a Mountain? Oh, okay then.

re: The lack of a Hobbit in a film called The Hobbit

I never saw the third Hobbit- (too lazy to add the numerous and various quotation marks which would be appropriate) movie and I wonder about one thing:

Is there like a final scene with old Bilbo sitting in Bag-End and finishing his journal after all is said and done? You know, like him closing the book and smiling in remembrance or something like that. Somehow I was under the impression that it was intended that the plot of the movies would (more or less) align to what Bilbo wrote in his journal/book. I think the first Hobbit movie insinuated that old Bilbo is the narrator or author of the coming story who tells it from his perspective.

If that's the case this scene would be the most ironic moment of the series.

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