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Originally Posted by Leaf View Post
Is there like a final scene with old Bilbo sitting in Bag-End and finishing his journal after all is said and done? You know, like him closing the book and smiling in remembrance or something like that. Somehow I was under the impression that it was intended that the plot of the movies would (more or less) align to what Bilbo wrote in his journal/book. I think the first Hobbit movie insinuated that old Bilbo is the narrator or author of the coming story who tells it from his perspective.

If that's the case this scene would be the most ironic moment of the series.
Yes it segues into a re-shot version of the scene in "The Fellowship of the Ring" where Bilbo opens the door and greets Gandalf. Gandalf no longer says "You haven't aged a day," because he very obviously has. It's fairly jarring, although in my opinion the final film keeps Bilbo in focus to a slightly better degree than the previous two films.

He ought to have scratched out "A Hobbit's Tale by Bilbo Baggins" and written "The epic love-story of a Dwarf for an Elf and another Dwarf for a huge pile of gold, in which Gandalf and a man with a bird in his hair go to a fortress, and also a scruffy man with a bow has a gaggle of victimised children, there's an annoying cowardly adviser, the Elvenking's son saves the day repeatedly, and a 150-year-old dead Orc uses giant worms to attack a mountain for no discernible reason. Oh, and I saw a bit of it, from quite far away. There may have been a dragon."

Then I suppose he ought to have scratched out "There and Back Again" and written "The Battle of The Five Armies," with the second "The" in very large script, underlined several times.
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