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An Inkling of an Idea:

from Lyra Greenleaf

These really are "inklings" of ideas, but here goes.

Mystery/ Adventure: Isengar Took, youngest son of Gerontius, is said to have "gone to sea in his youth". Did he go adventuring with friends? Did he join a trading party with some men? Did he maybe go to the Havens (following the Elves? Maybe he got attacked at some point?

Romance: (With compliments to William Shakespeare) It's 1168 SR and Gormadoc Brandybuck and Malva Headstrong want to marry. The only problem is that Malva's Great Grandfather (on the basis of some rather dodgy genealogical-sp?- evidence) made a claim to being the true Master of Buckland, and the family (living up to their name) have kept up the claim ever since. There is deep enmity between the families...
The problem with this is it's a situation rather than a plot!

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