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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Thornden, still red with the embarrassment of the whole situation, led his three men back through the woods to the horses. The gathered the strayed mounts, mounted, and pulled their heads around, and started back towards the house at a slow, even canter.

Thornden spent the short ride back berating himself for his foolishness. ‘It’s all for your blasted hastiness,’ his mind told him. ‘I’m not surprised Eodwine said what he did. I hope you don’t go blundering blindly into something like that again! By heaven - ambushing your own lord!’ He felt another wave of heat rise and fall from his face at the very thought. He bent his head and urged his horse into a faster gait.

In just a couple minutes they arrived back at the front of the house. The four men reined in their horses as they came around the wall. At once they spotted a group of seven men walking an even larger group of very hot horses up and down and back again.

“It is Haleth’s men!” one of his followers exclaimed. “They must’ve just arrived! Greetings, Eorlings!” he hailed. His horse trotted forward the last several feet. Thornden followed close behind.

“Where is the captain?” he asked.

“He went inside the house, to see if he could find the lady. Has been there just a minute or two now. . .”

All the men directed their eyes towards the front door, wondering what took place within. . .


Deren came out from the room upstairs and walked towards the stairway. The woman passing for Lady Linduial followed behind him. At the head of the stairs, he paused and listened. He heard voices below. Wondering who had come in, he stood, listening intently. They were speaking of the man, Osfrid, who he had sent down a couple minutes before, and then his own name was mentioned. The next moment, he recognized his leader’s voice. Haleth had come at last. Deren started down the stairs quickly and ran ahead before the other two.

He came to the landing and walked swiftly down the hall towards Haleth.

“Sir! We’ve found her. She seems to be well. I saw no marks of abuse or anything like that.” He reached Haleth, a small smile on his face, and then half turned and looked back towards the stair. The young woman appeared, walking slowly and stately. Her foot reached the landing and she turned and walked towards them.
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