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Never could take a life, or never needed to? Cowardly… or just intelligent? Scyld responded internally. He knew that Sorn would never accept reason, though, so he did not bother to dignify Sorn’s accusations with a response. Sorn was finally revealed for what he was: a petty and pathetic, but desperate, nobleman who had never deserved half of what he got and still wanted more. Scyld did not bother to hide the scorn he felt for Sorn. He felt as if their former positions were reversed: now he, standing on higher ground, was looking down upon Sorn as the worthless and contemptible one.

For just an instant, Scyld caught Sorn’s focus shift down to Gurth and away from the fight, and he took quick advantage of it. He darted in with his knife and gashed Sorn’s upper arm, then danced nimbly away before Sorn could react.

The expression on Sorn’s face was not so much pain as fury and his onslaught redoubled. Scyld blocked some of his wild swings and dodged others, but one time he ducked too slowly and Sorn’s knife nicked him across the temple. The salt in his sweat tingled uncomfortably in the cut.

Slowly Sorn was pushing Scyld farther up the slope; soon Linduial would be in plain view and her hiding place revealed. Within a few seconds, Scyld had to make a decision: stay between Sorn and Linduial, or try to keep Sorn’s back to her hoping he would not see her. He chose the latter. If Sorn tried to turn and run for her, then, he could put a knife through his back…

Then out of his peripheral vision Scyld thought he saw Gurth begin to charge up the slope, and he figured it was over, now. Either Gurth had seen Linduial, or he had decided to help Sorn finish him off – either way, Scyld figured death would not be long coming. Now, Linduial, if you have any other plans… or if not, run. You won’t have another chance…

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