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Originally Posted by Eomer
I am still slightly concerned about it slowing down the game; suppose the Hunter cannot choose a victim until a day after he/she is lynched, but I'm sure I could work around that.
I think the circumstances in which the Hunter could not give you their choice fairly quickly will be limited. It might delay the conclusion of the DAY/NIGHT on which it occurs slightly, but it would only happen the once.

So hasty voting with the full intention of retracting the vote later will not be smiled upon, but I think the option adds more realism. It's just good etiquette not to chop and change your vote all the time.
Fair enough.

... but maybe the villagers will win for a change!
The pressure is on the Werewolves to make it a hat trick. (Ai! I hope that I'm not a Werewolf now ... )

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EDIT: A word of advice, Eomer. Double check everything that you send and post. It can be very easy to unwittingly give clues in what you say (for example by referring to the Hunter or the Seer as a he or she).
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