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The conversation had cooled down between him and Crabannan. In fact Erbrand was quite startled at the genuine concern in the mans voice, it was not the tone that he would usually take while asking a question. He guessed from the simularity in names that the barrel maker was a relative. For a moment he almost found it pleasant to be with Crabannan, but he quickly forgot about it when he remembered the reason for their encounter.

"If you'll exuse me sirs, I have business to attend to before the day begins, rabbits and all that stuff." He glanced at Crabannan with an offended look. "Good morning Crabannan, and It's good to have you with us, Nain." He conjured up a brief smile that lit up his face for a second, but it was quickly erased by his normal austere expression.

He walked briskly to his snares, which he quickly emptied. Two stoats, and yes one rabbit, was his prize. Seven out of the twelve snares had been chown apart, and two of the snares had their contents already emptied but with no damage done to them. This had been happening to him for the last several weeks, he could not figure out what creature would be that clever[Oeric]. This bothered him less than his problems with the wolves, he worried about the consequence if they were allowed to breed to even larger numbers before winter set in, then the whole camp would have a problem on their hands.

He was walking back into camp, wondering on what to do with this new problem when he noticed a short man emptying the contents of a water pouch, it was Dan. Erbrand's features lit up and his worries left him for the moment.

"Good morning, Dan," he said in a cheerful voice, approaching him. Dan lowered the pouch from his lips and swallowed the water in his mouth. He seemed troubled about something, his brow was sunken and it took a moment for his face to lighten up.

"Are you alright, Dan," Erbrand asked in genuine concern, "Is there anything I could do to help?"

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