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"Master NŠin, who now..."

NŠin started, and turned abruptly to see a figure that it took him a moment to recognise. It was true, he admitted, that he had not been close to Degas before his departure to Dol Amroth, but he could see that the young man was changed all the same. There was a greater confidence about him, or at least, there was a greater strength. There might have been confidence, but this seemed to be lost as Degas was struggling somewhat with some inner turmoil.

"I must speak with Eodwine, as soon as may be. Can you help me?"

Something must be afoot if a traveller so early in the morning preferred the eorl to breakfast, NŠin thought.

"I..." he glanced at Crabannan, who was looking a bit confused at them, though whether this was because of NŠin's question, the arrival of Degas, or both, or perhaps some other thought. The fact that the troublemaker (for so the Dwarf now thought of him) was confused mollified him somewhat, and he relaxed his grip on his hammer, though he did not release it.

"Certainly, Degas," he said, though his eyes still lingered on Crabannan, which Crabannan noticed, though Degas seemed a little too agitated to do likewise. "I need to see Eodwine myself, though I was in no hurry. I have not seen him yet, however, having only just arrived myself. We can seek him together." NŠin did not forget Crabannan, though.

"Well, unless you know where we can find the eorl?" he said.

"Thornden will know where he is," said Degas, who was still not paying attention to NŠin's odd attitude towards Crabannan. The lad must be troubled, one part of NŠin thought, while the part of him that wanted to give Crabannan a fairer chance was hoping this meant that he was still nonchalant in action.

"Aye, but I have seen as much of Thornden as I have of Eodwine," said NŠin, looking down at his breakfast. "But we can be off. Would you prefer to eat first, perhaps? You cannot have eaten this morning, but perhaps you would rather wait?"

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