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Hey, Arwen!!! Does Asfoloth wnat to come with Celebrimbror and I to the Premiere in Wellington on the 1st? (I was about to type me and...but Celebri started growling)
Yes, he does. He's willing to abandon me, leave me here mourning because I can't go, and go with y'all. He doesn't care that I will be missing out... When he read your post, he started drooling, and getting all hyper. And you really don't want to upset a hyper mini-balrog. ok, he's giving me an evil grin now. You're going to the premiere?? [img]smilies/eek.gif[/img] COOL!!!
Anyways, it would be really cool if this Marathon got even more widespread, and PJ found out about it. Are there any other LotR news sites out there that should know? I just go to TORn. Who else should we tell? Maybe we could write PJ.
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