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"Yes." Cut in the Arnorian, still close by. The entire day she had been quite uneasy and though doing her darndest to keep in her fitting role as a lady adventurer, Valesseka could not contain her opinion here, not in the open arms of twilight. Instantly she chided herself for the outburst, and hoped, more than likely in vain, that the elf Gllaaadrinn.. something didn't hear.

She keeped her eyes set straight ahead of her, looking as detached from the conversation as possible. Even glaring at the star-gazing girl seemed to tie her too closely to her interjection. 'It wasn't my place to say anything.' She thought, investigating a clump of tall grass in the distance. 'It isn't proper for a lady to place her opinions on such matter... even if it -IS- the correct one to have.'
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