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Arianna heard what Éomeléo had said about the young woman named Jen. She came over silently, making no sound as she moved. Just as a proper elf could. She came up behind him and cleared her throat, causing him to jump in surprise.

"Excuse me, Éomeléo but you are highly mistaken. You have no idea what that girl has gone through. I do. I have been where she has been, abandoned and frightened. She got into a bad group. Nothing more. She will not harm us. Besides, think logically. Why would a mere girl with her lack of fighting skills want to hurt all of us when she is clearly in the minority? Your argument is neither logical or sound. Listen to reason, Éomeléo. If anything the best the girl could do is take a horse and run away. However, she won't do that. No one would listen to her. Especially a girl like her. Believe me and trust me. I have wandered this earth longer than you have," Arianna replied.

She spun quickly and walked over to the young woman that was looking up at the stars. Arianna looked up herself, noticing her favorite constellations immediately.

"I love the stars. They are the only constant thing in this world. That and the sunrise, sunset, and the change of seasons. What do you think about when you look at the stars Jen?" Arianna inquired of their new companion.
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