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What was that? She had heard Eomeleo calling out "Hi! There's a man!" but that thump-thud right after it? It was good to know that these were men, not trolls or that lot, but even Valesseka knew that men could still be dangerous. The Arnorian slowly peeked out from her hiding place and could finally clearly make out... two men? Then a third...

"Bandits?", she whispered to herself, starting to become so entwined further into this new drama that she stopped counting the heads and voices appearing in the brush. The men were discussing something for a moment before one finally bent down and hefted something large, and something with a big blue-feathered hat. Eomeleo!! They were carrying him off now toward where the adventurers had heard the clanking metal. Clearly, something had to be done. Valesseka the 'fair' was started to realize that she was needing to become Valesseka the 'somewhat-stalwart'.
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