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"So, do you have anything against my plan?" she asked before setting off after the bandits and blue-clad Eomeleo

"No." She wanted to spit out at Jen, but another part of her didn't want to speak to the girl at all... and it was that side which won out here. Her arms were folded so tightly across her chest it forced her back to hunch giving to her uncomfortable feeling. Her feet were falling heavily on the ground with soft squishing sounds each jerky trudge Valesseka made. This definitely not the kind of 'sneaking' Jen had in mind, and did give her unamicable company warning looks about. Looks were returned and ignored.

They stopped in one of the few patches of long grass left before the sundered landscape degraded into stunted weeds over pale orange, irregular rocks. The men had disappeared underground with the Gondorian. Valesseka straightened up, squinting her eyes at the scar in the earth in front of them. If only she should get closer without risking being seen!

A minute or two had passed as the girls were assessing the situation when Bones and his companion emerged once again, both wearing smirks on their leathery faces. "Couldn'ta risked 'em see'n, Jorgen, is that why we brought 'em here?" -- "Ow!" Valesseka whispered harshly, as Jenifred pushed her down and out of sight in the grass.

Jorgen nodded and looked annoyed, "Of course! Thats why we bring all of 'em here, yeh knucklehead! Gah... Sometimes ye say more stupid than that chatty guy we got down there. How long do yeh think he'll be till he asks ta be moved ta another cell?" They laughed and stretched some. "It's been too hot, lets get us some'un ta drink." With a nod, Bones lead Jorgen into another cave, one used for storage.

"What do we do now? How do we get him out?" Valesseka the somewhat-stalwart whispered, now ignorant of the fact that 'the villianous' Jenifred was her only company in this situation. "We can't leave him in there for the bandits, he's too... Eomeleo."
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