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Gradually, Thin-Gloomy had begun to suspect that his initial assumption of him being the only prisoner in the bandits' lair was incorrect. There was strange screaming at nights around full moon and occasionally, the jailers were talking with some people that didn't sound like they were part of the gang.

It didn't help Thin-Gloomy much to know that he wasn't the only one there. He didn't care why the other ones were there, or where exactly were they kept. He didn't get to talk with them anyway. He only talked with the bandits, who were still looking for the treasure in the false location the dwarf had given them. Thin-Gloomy considered it most amusing, but he was terrified, too, for he knew that however dim-witted the bandits were, they would eventually learn he had fooled them. He didn't exactly look forward to that day.

He was tired of being beaten, constantly interrogated and kept with little food and locked up in a cell. He was used to contempt, violence, lack of proper food and filthy places, but he had never before been a prisoner and that was what made the difference. Maybe it all had to something do with his newfound pride, too. Before, he would have given up already, known that it was not worth fighting the bullies, and he would have accepted his situation. Now all he thought about was escape and revenge. He dreamt of killing the bandits - especially the shrill-voiced cow - in goriest of manners. It was no good, though, he would still have to find a way to get out of the cell first.

It was all so frustrating. He kicked a pebble that was laying on the floor. It hit the wall. There was a rumbling sound. He instantly backed to the opposite wall. As if something had collapsed. Surely his little pebble couldn't have caused it?

Would the walls or the roof be weaker now, could he escape?



They were walking around, Valesseka first and Jen at her wake. For the second time, Valesseka stopped suddenly and side-stepped, causing Jen to bump into her.

"Would you be careful where you step!" Jen said.
"There are these kind of sink holes on the ground. Surely we don't want to get stuck on the wet ground?" Valesseka replied, rather angrily.
"Ther would be no problem if you looked at where you're walking to in the first place."
"Walking, yes - why are we even walking? We are not going to the forest to follow your silly plan, anyway."
"Make up a better plan, then, if you are so very wise and all that."
"Of the two of us, I'm not the bandit used to handling situations like this! You should know, you're in the business."
"Yes, and that's why I have a plan in the first place and you don't. You're being illogical. Very illogical - see, you even kept on walking after you said it was stupid. You are an idiot."
Valesseka cast a poisonous glance at her from over her shoulder. "Idiot? Who's the idiot here in the first place? Had you not..."

Not looking at the ground, she had taken an uncareful step and suddenly, the ground gave way below her. She fell, screaming. Jen tried to back away, but she was too close to Valesseka and the older girl was grabbing her leg. So, she too fell, swearing loudly.

After a short fall, they found themselves in a tunnel with doors at either side. It would have been very dark had they not just made a hole in the roof. "I did say..." Jen started, but stopped instantly. There were footsteps approaching fast. "Quick, let's hide!" she whispered.
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