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This article is the one that impressed me so much that I thought it should appear in print, thereby giving birth to the idea of this book. Linden postulates one possible theory of musical history in Arda; others may choose to establish a different one, but they'll have to work hard to give it as solid a foundation as this one! The idea that the evolution of musical complexity is reversed from that of our own earth's music history is fascinating, and the textual evidence from Tolkien's Mythology supports it very well.

Linden looks closely at various musical styles in the Ages of Arda and compares the dynamics of their development with the Great Music of creation, suggesting as well different styles for various peoples, races, and groups.

Though a basic knowledge of musical history is helpful in understanding this chapter, the author has included a brief glossary of musical terms at the end to aid those less familiar with them.

Since we tend to enjoy speculative discussions here on the Downs, I'm sure many of you will enjoy reading this essay!
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