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Hmm, for me, a major factor regarding the Elessar Text is that it presents two internal variations, neither of which is known to be correct by anyone in Middle-earth. Again, I'm not wholly familiar with the guidelines here, but whatever they are, this seems to me to be a step beyond. To my mind it would be similar to saying the form Galadhriel is "incorrect" and therefore should not be represented anywhere in your text...

... when the idea is obviously that it is "incorrect" in some sense, but from an internal perspective it's easily acceptable, with internal reasons given.

In my opinion these sort of obscurities and purposed variations represent Tolkien's art of world-building -- with the natural confusions or variations that (he thinks) might arise. I think they were important to him. For me they are the added "pepper" to the soup of consistency, echoing certain real world "textual scenarios", so to speak.
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