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Taffy pushed his spoon about in his bowl; moving the chunks of fish from one side to the other. Stews, and especially fish stews, were not his favorite sort of food. He looked up to see if his mother or father were watching. They were not, and so he reached for another chunk of bread, slathering it with butter and honey.

He felt a tug on his sleeve. It was Seren, who’d sidled up next to him, wanting another piece of honey bread herself.

‘I don’t like it either,’ she whispered, climbing up on his chair to kneel beside him. She took the spoon from him and made a few passes in the rapidly cooling stew. ‘Glop!’ she mouthed at him, making a face at the gooey mess that rolled off the spoon she held and plopped onto the surface the bowl’s contents. She shuddered a little and wrinkled her nose. ‘Doesn’t it look like somebody already ate it and then upchucked it?’ She pinched her nose shut as if the smell disgusted her.

Taffy’s giggle was cut short as he heard his and his sister’s name called. He looked up guiltily and there was his mother giving him her steely eyed stare. ‘Don’t be rude, you two! Just push your bowls away from you if you’re done.’ Taffy could see his father shaking his head at him.

‘No dessert for you two!’ his mother went on. ‘Now get down from the table and get your hands and faces cleaned up. And no more remarks about the good food that the cook worked hard to make for you.’

Taffy tried to look contrite as he helped his sister down from the chair. Taking Seren’s hand, he hurried her back to their room. A few quick swipes with a washcloth to her face and likewise to both their hands and he declared it good enough.

‘Hey, let’s go see if that storyteller Dwarf is done eating,’ Taffy said as they left the room. He held Seren back for a moment before they entered the common room; making sure his parents’ attention was elsewhere. The two inched around the edge of the room, making for the Dwarves’ table . . .
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