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‘Wait, Taf, wait!’ Seren yanked hard on her brother’s tunic and planted her feet firmly on the wooden floor. From the corner of her eye she had caught the image of the man at the counter as he fell to the floor. ‘Over there,’ she went on, pointing toward where a knot of people were gathering. She and Taffy climbed on a chair, the better to see what was going on.

One of the Inn servers, Tollers, had knelt down by the stricken man and was calling for help. Much to her delight, an Elf stepped in to help, bringing water and then running for the healer.

Taffy jumped down, lifting Seren to the floor soon after. ‘Let’s sneak to the end of the bar, there…where the shadows are,’ he whispered to her, pulling her along once again. ‘We can see better what the fellow looks like.’

By the time the healer had come, huffing and puffing as he ran through the door, the two children had reached their vantage point. ‘Look how tall he is!’ Seren whispered, as they peeked around the corner of the counter to where the man lay stretched on the floor.

Her brother nudged her shoulder, putting his finger to his lips. The poor man looked a lot the worse for wear. Like one of the men on a stick his Ma always put up in the garden to keep away the crows…..all raggedy and limp.
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