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Two bowls of piping hot stew, a basket of warm, sliced bread, honey, butter, and a pot of plum conserve (for Will; it was one of his favorites as she recalled), a heaping plate of fried mushrooms, and two nice, full mugs of the hard cider from the cellar – that was the savory burden Rowan had balanced carefully on her tray.

‘There you go, you two,’ she said, smiling at the both of them as she deftly placed the food, drink, and condiments before them. ‘Now you let me know if I can fetch anything else.’

She paused for a moment, looking to where the man was disappearing through the door to the Big Folk rooms. She shook her head, turning back to Will and Prim. ‘I swear – we should mark this day on the calendar. Two injuries, one of the Big Folk gone all fainty, and an Elf who managed to nail her sleeve to the roof! Next year maybe we should shut the doors tight and just keep to our beds tile the day turns anew.’

‘Say!' she went on. 'I heard those two young Elves over there were going to sing and play for us.’ She looked hard at where Cir and Cir stood. ‘Can’t say as I see any flutes or pipes or such. Course maybe they’ll just magic something out of their sleeves or even the air.’ She chewed on the edge of her lip. ‘Maybe I should offer them some wine or ale or something to wet their whistles before they begin.’ Rowan made her way to where the two Elves were.

‘Pardon, Cir….. and Cir…..may I bring you something to drink before you play and sing?’
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