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‘Let me just ask Will where those instruments might be,’ returned Rowan. ‘He should know, as he sometimes get some of the fellows round here together to play and sing.’ She fetched a couple of large mugs of ale for the two Elves; then went to get the food they’d ordered. On her way to the kitchen, she stopped at Will and Prim’s table for a few quick questions on where she and the Elves might find the instruments the innkeeper had spoken of.

Rowan put the bowls of stew before Cir and his sister, along with two plates on which they could pile their mushrooms and their bread. In the middle of the table she placed a heaping plate of fried mushrooms and a basket of fresh, thick sliced bread. Butter, blackberry jam, and honey stood attendant on the Elves’ whims.

‘Once you’re done eating,’ she told them, ‘you can go through that door there, just to the side of the fireplace. The third door on the left is a small storeroom we tend to shove things into that only get used now and then. Will thinks the plain wooden chest where the extra band things are kept is against the far wall of the storeroom. It has an old birdcage on it, and a rather ratty looking fringed shawl we once used as a table runner for some gathering. Go ahead and poke about; find what you need. You can call me to help if you need to.’

She paused and gave a critical eye to the fare upon the table. ‘Now is there anything else you’ll be needing?’
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