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Taffy gave a pleading look at his mother and crossed his fingers behind his back as insurance. Mothers could be quite funny in their decisions he knew from experience, and oft times not in a comical manner. He could see her sizing up the Dwarf, his looks, his speech, his manners. And if they were found wanting she might just order her two children off to their room and the give the Dwarf a polite, but quite firm, dismissal.

Seren, on the other hand, could barely contain her eagerness for her mother to make the ‘right’ decision. At a sharp, quick look from Taffy, though, she had squelched the whining protest she was about to make. And instead shifted from foot to foot impatiently.

Time stretched out in a long sticky stream, or so it seemed to Taffy. His mother had turned slightly to speak low with his father. Taffy held his breath. He could hear his heart beat loudly in his ears. Then, with a relieved little whoosh, he exhaled. Time had resumed its normal flow; his mother was turning with a smile toward Skirvir and making the introductions of herself and her husband.

A few quick words to both the children...Mind your manners now! Be polite to Master Skirvir!...were given. And received with hurried nods of affirmation as Taffy and Seren took hold of the Dwarf’s hands and prodded him toward the door.

‘We’ll stand you to a pint after!’ Madoc called to Skirvir’s retreating back. He waved a hand to the trio. ‘Nice folk you meet here at the Perch,’ he said, pulling the chair out for Lila to sit down. He reached into his pocket and fetched out his pipe and pouch of pipeweed. Soon a small cloud of smoke drifted up toward the rafters. A contented smile played on his lips as he looked about the room, his glance falling fondly and often on his dear, sweet wife.
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