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Taffy had pulled his knees up beneath his chin as he sat on the ground at Skirvirís feet. His arms hugged them tightly as he shivered in anticipation of the next twist in the story. Seren scooted near enough to him that her shoulder leaned against him. He could feel her jump as the Dwarf spoke of the dragon roaring down upon the town. Taffy unclasped an arm from his legs and put it about his sisterís shoulders.

ĎBe brave, Seren. Like Mister Bilbo,í he whispered. He hugged her to him. 'I'm sure it will turn out just fine for Mister Bilbo and the Dwarves and the men in Dale, too.'

Taffy turned his attention back to Skirvir. He was quite taken with the story of the Hobbit from the Westfarthing. And scary as Mister Baggins adventure seemed at times, still Taffy found himself wondering if perhaps some day some even small bit of such an adventure might find him.
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