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He had not planned to stop in at the inn for the night. But there was a savory scent on the air and a pleasant, inviting light which shone from the windows. Tavaro’s stomach grumbled, urging him to turn into the dirt track that led to the front door.

From where he stood he could make out the wooden sign that hung from the post in the yard. A fish, golden in color, leaping upward from blue waters. His mind turned the image over in his mind, recalling at last that there had been mention of a pleasant place nestled along the river north of the Stock Brook. The Golden Perch, yes that was what his friend had called it.

Tavaro stepped off the dusty track and found his way through the shadows and the grass in the yard, to the small thicket of trees near the front of the public house. Two small figures stood in the doorway. And before them, holding court on the step, was a Dwarf. Tavaro listened closely to the words he spoke. A tale of gold and gems and battles and a mighty dragon. On the ground near the Dwarf’s feet two youngsters sat huddled together, listening attentively to the story he wove for them.

It was a fine story; what little he heard of it as he stood quietly. Tavaro’s lips moved silently in the darkness repeating the words as the Dwarf spoke them. Later he would put pen to paper and capture the tale twixt the pages of his chapbook.

‘Wonderful!’ he murmured to himself as the storyteller paused for a breath. In his eagerness to hear the remainder of the story, he stepped out from among the trees and quietly drew near to where the children sat. He lowered himself down, sitting cross-legged to the right of the boy. His hawthorn staff rested beside him, as did his leather satchel.

‘Excellent tale!’ he whispered to Taffy, a great grin on his face. He put his finger to his lips as both the Dwarf and the children looked at him. ‘I will be quiet now; I promise!’ he went on, nodding his head.

‘Please, Master Dwarf, continue.’

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