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The noon meal had passed quickly, and Eodwine called for Garstan's aid in rearranging the great hall for the continuation of court proceedings. Lčođern yawned, sleepy in the afternoon heat. And, partly, because she bored of lengthy speeches for which she had to stand quietly.

Eodwine smiled, catching the child's sleepiness. "The children, perhaps, would prefer to be dismissed from court?"

The children looked hopefully at from Eodwine to their father, silently begging to be allowed out of doors. Garstan returned Eodwine's smile. "Yes, I think that they would prefer it so."

Garstan nodded to Garmund, and the children first walked, then ran to the door.

Sunshine and air cured Lčođern's weariness, and she dashed around the yard, now whirling, now tugging at her brother's hand. Though, for all her giddiness, Lčođern had acquired a new grace in her motion of late - a quick, light step and alert bearing.

They came to the alder. "Come, Garmund. Let's climb." Lčođern reached for a low branch and quickly pulled herself to a perch a short way from the ground. Garmund followed.

From their branch, the pair saw a group of boys scatter and hide. Lčođern laughed and pointed. A game. Neither knew the children playing.

"Do you think they'll let us join them?" Garmund shrugged.

Another boy, darker than the others, appeared. There was a defiant look about him. Garmund wasn't sure he trusted that stubborn, proud glare. Before Garmund could stop her, Lčođern slid out of the tree and followed the boy as he passed. Garmund came too, a few steps behind her. The new boy didn't turn, either ignoring his shadows or unaware of their presence.

A series of poorly stifled giggles from Lčođern revealed her game.
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