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"I am glad to meet you, Stigend," Garstan said. "And thank you for taking care of my children tonight." Glancing down at the children, he added, "You have a good son," before bringing his eyes to meet Stigend's again.

"Thank you, but it was a pleasure... at least for a while." Stigend smiled openly and Garstan seemed to have gotten the intended idea and was smiling back to him knowingly. "But really, I think part of our warm welcome here is due to your lovely children. And I truly am happy about it," he continued "If we will get along as well as our children, we will have no problems here."

The men looked at each other for a short while. Garstan studied the carpenter and his son, taking in the details of their faces, their look, running through his impression of Cnebba's behavior earlier. Then he broke the silence with a relieved, welcoming tone. "I can see no obstacles to that. I look forward to working with you."

"As do I," Stigend answered, and with that they let go of each others hands.

Garstan moved toward the stairs. "Lčođern. Garmund. Come. It is late, and you should be abed."

The children hung back for a moment, still whispering and laughing to Cnebba. Then they somewhat reluctantly said their good-nights and walked after their father. Garmund and Lčođern's soft laughter and whispers echoed over the sound of their feet against the wooden floor as they followed Garstan back down the steps to their room.
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