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Boots This is really kind of sad...

The Fellowship of the Ring - Peter Jackson - the only decent one

The Return of the King - Peter Jackson

The Lord of the Rings - Ralph Bakshi (which should just show how much I hate the rest of the list given how high this one is...)

An Unexpected Journey - Peter Jackson

The Two Towers - Peter Jackson

The Hobbit - Rankin/Bass

The Return of the King - Rankin/Bass

The Desolation of Smaug/The Battle of Five Armies - Peter Jackson - They were both so horrible that one can't really be ranked over the other.

This list is one of the most convincing arguments I've seen that Tolkien's work is not fit for the big screen.

However, Fellowship was good, so there is hope that it can be done right if the ego of the director and producers can somehow be kept in check...

EDIT: And I take back the subject isn't kind of sad, it is REALLY sad.
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