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Originally Posted by Feanor of the Peredhil
I'm happy to write a dream, I'm just not sure what sort of dream will best work in terms of causality. What, exactly, would cause a group of people who want to travel quickly with few complications to decide it's of utmost necessity to keep a very small traumatized child with them?
Let's see.....

... a dream of Angela in the company of Roy Edwards (you may consult with me of course) would certainly attract Raefindan's attention, and give him personal motivation to stay in the little girl's company. This would mean that in order to fulfill his current responsibilities, he would offer to take responsibility for her care (which could get really funny as he has no experience). However, maybe this would be too obvious too soon.

... a dream of Mithrellas would affect Raefindan as he identifies with Imrazor, and would be more likely to impress him as of importance in terms of the quest whereas the above dream does not. In this case he would not quite so strong a personal motivation, and would probably not offer to take over her care. On the other hand, not only he but the Elves would be more likely to realize that she is actually a player in putting this puzzle (excuse me ~ weaving this Tapestry) together.

... a dream of Amroth would remove personal motivation from Raefindan and place it upon the Elves, and it would be clear that she has a role in the Tapestry. This could however cause conflict such that the Elves insist that Mellondu and Indil go with them in the south instead of north with the Men. It would be dreaming of the somewhat harrowing realities associated with the hero.

... a dream of Tharonwë would be even more extreme in terms of what I've already written about Amroth. It would be dreaming of the even more harrowing villain.

Of these four, a dream of Angela would be most personal and psychologically likely; a dream of Mithrellas would be not quite so personal and psychologically less likely but still probable. A dream of Amroth would be rather impersonal, potentially exceedingly traumatic, and very plot oriented. It could seem forced. A dream of Tharonwë would be more extreme trauma and even more plot oriented.

I see little attraction in dreaming of Tharonwë at this point. So despite the attractions of the two extreme choices (Angela or Amroth), I would recommend Mithrellas; unless there are other options?

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