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Okay, I have gone through this thread to see were we are. As fare as I can say Aiwendil has commented to the Text up to 149. But I am not quite sure where he ended with his comments. The first possible place is just before RB-DF-10.

What is left as open point in the rest of the discussion is from my point of view:
RB-DF-07.5: What about this to avoid the double Gondolin:
And he laid him upon a mountain-top that looked from the North upon the hidden valley{ of Gondolin}. RB-DF-07.5 <GA There was lamentation in Gondolin when Thorondor brought the tidings, for many of the people of the hidden city were Noldor of Fingolfin's house>; and Turgon coming built a high cairn over him.
RB-DF-07 and RB-DF-07.7: I have given the number 07.7 to the proposed addition about the prefexion of Arfin to Finarfin:
148 RB-DF-07 <GA Now Rochallor had stayed beside the king until the end, but the wolves of Angband assailed him, and he escaped from them because of his great swiftness, and ran at last to Hithlum, and broke his heart and died. Then in great sorrow Fingon took the lordship of the house of Fingolfin and the kingdom of the Noldor[ in Hithlum]> {There was lamentation in Hithlum when the fall of Fingolfin became known; but Fingon took the kingship of the Noldor}, and he maintained still his realm behind the Shadowy Mountains in the North. RB-DF-07.7 <Shibboleth {The prefixion in the case of Finarfin was made by Finrod only after the death of Fingolfin in single combat with Morgoth.} The Noldor then became divided into separate kingships under Fingon son of Fingolfin, Turgon his younger brother, {Maedros}[Maedron] son of Feanor, and Finrod son of Arfin; and the following of Finrod had become the greatest. At that time Finrod prefixed the name of his father following the model of Fingofin so that he became know as Finarfin.> But beyond Hithlum Morgoth pursued his foes relentlessly, and he searched out their hiding-places and took their strongholds one by one. ...
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