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Nerindel and Hilde,

Remember those posts I promised to send you and/or get up on the thread??? Eeer, well, I guess I'll have to write them over the weekend. (Child slinks off with a guilty look on her face.)


Rumor has it that Child was playing hookey at the Harry Potter movie along with her kids (who begged and pleaded with her to go), standing in a long long of crazy people who wanted to get into the theater the first day it was showing since they were handing out freebies to local moviegoers.....


Serious edit:

Hilde -- I will send my post to you by pm.

Nerindel -- Do you want me to put both our posts up on the game thread, or will you put up your own first and I can then add mine?
Multitasking women are never too busy to vote.

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