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"Best of luck in the staff-fight, Erbrand," and with that Kara gave him a playful wink and bounded off to find her seat.

As Kara passed through the players Thornden bowed slightly as she passed and she returned the formal gesture with a slight curtsy. Thornden's eyes did not leaver her until she had taken her seat on the scar.

Erbrand saw this, he felt his blood boil at the site of another man talking to Kara, however formal it was. Just like that morning with Crabannan, Erbrand approached the soldier; Thornden looked up and smiled but it quickly changed to a confused look as Erbrand glared at him.

"Many thanks for your help, but I'll thank you to stay away from her." said Erbrand, glancing up at Kara who was busy in discussion with someone else.

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