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Pipe A Measure of Success

I'm sticking this thread to the top here, but leaving it open, so that any general comments on the RPG fora can be made here. This is open to anybody.

************************************************** **************

Hail Gondorians and guests,

A temporary thread, for brief public discussion of the success of the new RPG layout. Anybody is welcome to post, but it is likely that the thread will be removed when it has run its course. All comments and questions are welcomed.

My reasons for starting this thread: the Forum has now fallen into order, and people appeared to have found games to play in and they seem to be of a high quality - a far higher quality that before, it must be said. Not enough praise can go to those Innkeepers and moderators and helpers involved in the Shire, where the workload appears tremendous and not always swiftly rewarding.

Problems? Perhaps there are still teething difficulties with proposals for Rohan, but thanks to Mithadan and his good friend Nonesuch, and the hardwork of the Mistress Innkeeper, we may well see some fresh stories there. There are a couple that need to be wrapped up in that forum - this is an issue worth discussing, with reference to all the Forums. When a game slows, or peters out somewhat, is it better to transfer ownership, close temporarily or abandon? I dislike the latter two options, and the former may prove difficult.

For Gondor, it seems to have a slow and natural rhythm, two games at a time, progressing steadily. We have at least three games waiting to be started, follow-ons from the Lonely Star and the Entish Bow, and the full RPG emanating from the Saving of the Star mini-RP.

All these things seem good. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] Are there any other problems? Issues? Complaints? Now is the time. It seems to me that the new format is a success. All things just need a little time.
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