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Welcome to the Downs and the TftE forum Petty Dwarf!

I am always heartened to see someone make their fist post in our little forum as it was on this topic I first posted on the downs also [leading ultimately to this very project].

I think we have handicapped your present understanding a bit by not having our current Pengoldh/Aelfwine/Rumil discussion in the public foprum as is our want.

I will look into moving it over here next so you can see that quite a few of your very well organized points are in the process of being addressed.

I must say also that one of Aiwendil's and I 's very fwe disagreements is on the future literary 'fate' of our effort.

I would love to see it as polished and smoothly integrated ala the 77/01 Silmarillion as possible with no visible seams between the UT/Q30/LT material.

This of course will make the source texts from the Lost tales virtually unrecognizable as the names will have been converted, details added and deleted according to the principles and finally in my vision [if we go with it] the Lost Tales language 'updated'. Replacing the archaisms and stylistic inflections so peculiar and common to Lost Tales with the more sparse and formal Silm language or when possible, with the beautiful phrasing that characterises all of the post LotR Silmarillion writing.

I think the attempt is at least worth the making. And though the end product will have gone through 3 very carefully crafted, principled and controlled steps equal if I may say it, to the work CJRT did, hopefully in quality, though of course without any vestige of his authority.
Again welcome to the Forum!

I am sure you will have some feedback for us once IO can get the aforementioned thread moved or copied over.
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