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I thought there were Silvan elves living in the Mirkwood forest. I remember reading that there weren't many of them but they were leaders to the Sindarin elves in that area. So wouldn't a Silvanised name make sense because Legolas was a prince?
You're right; but (and there's no way you could have known this without reading BoLT II), the Legolas in question is a different one. Long before LotR was begun, there was a Legolas of Gondolin. He was, unfortunately, ommitted from the compressed later versions.

Aren't Legolas and Laegolas pronounced the same?
"Legolas" is, I believe, pronounced
le'-g^o-los (that's English phonetics, not international). "Laegolas" is l^i-g^o-los. The "ae" is a diphthong pronounced like the long "i" in, well, "I".
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